Warranty E-Motor

Goccia Warranty Policy

Warranty support between Goccia Electric and Importer will be provided as follows:

In order to protect the interests of all Goccia users, we promise to:

  1. Each customer is equipped with professional business and merchandiser personnel, any problem can be informed by email;
  2. All complaints shall be dealt with initially within 1 working day, and final treatment within 3-5 working days depending on specific problems.
  3. General Principle:

GOCCIA Electric will provide warranty exchange parts coverage for the following categories:

  1. Defects found when opening original factory packing carton;
  2. Batch problems (greater than 5% defect rate of a specific model based upon TOTAL NUMBER SOLD) found and approved by GOCCIA Electric


  1. Loss of major function or safety-related issues that may jeopardize life or incur property loss of the end-users.
  2. Exchange parts delivery:

The principles of parts delivery method and delivery time are as follows:

  1. We provide sea shipment for all approved claimed parts;

2. Air shipment and express services can be provided pending a review of the urgency needed for parts delivery.

Internal review and parts preparation procedure generally takes minimum 14 days and can be longer without prior notification. Name of Importer holds the responsibility of maintaining adequate spare parts inventory. Goccia bears no responsibility for the consequence of any rejection or delay of the claimed parts. All extra costs occurred by exchange parts delivery in the destination country (custom duty, tax, fee or domestic transportation, etc.) will be paid by the Name of the Importer.



Please check the attached statement of NO warranty coverage situations:

3-1. Damage that results from neglect of periodic maintenance;

3-2. Damage that results from repair, adjustment, or maintenance operations by any method other than the one;

3-3. Damage that results from repair, adjustment, or maintenance operations performed by anyone except for authorized Goccia Dealers;

3-4. Damage that results from repair, adjustment, or maintenance operations performed by anyone except for authorized Goccia Dealers;  

3-5. Damage that results from the use of parts or accessories not approved by Goccia or of non-genuine parts or inferior quality level of fuel, lubricant, or fluid

not recommended by Goccia;

3-6. Damage due to improper storage or transport;

3-7. Damage that results from force majeure, such as fire, collision, and theft;

3-8. Damage that results from environmental concerns such as soot and/or smoke, chemical substance, bird droppings, or corrosion by seawater, or sal;

3-9. Damage due to aging such as color fading, deterioration of chromed or painted surfaces, deterioration of rubber and plastics, or rusting;

3-10.Any products which have participated in racing events, rallies, or competitions, or which have been used as rental vehicles, postal or delivery services.  

3-11. Any products which have been re-modeled, re-badged otherwise modified;

3-12. Minor issues which are not damaging to the correct functioning of the products, for example, noise, vibration, or oil seepage;  

3-13. There is no valid voucher of three guarantees, after-sales service card, product purchase invoice or voucher, or product information is inconsistent with

the real car

4. Labor-related cost:

No direct or collateral/ indirect labor cost reimbursement will be provided.

5. Warranty details:

We provide the following warranty services:

1. The warranty period of the core parts, the frame is 36 months, and the battery and motor is 24 months;

2. Other parts shall be executed according to the following three standards;

3. The warranty period begins to calculate from the date of leaving the factory;

4. During the warranty period, free maintenance or replacement services will be provided by Goccia After-sales Service Center or authorized service

5. If the maintenance service exceeds the warranty period or does not fall within the scope of the warranty, it will provide paid maintenance or replacement service according to the local market situation and maintenance price.

NOTICE; In view of the product characteristics of the Li-ion battery itself, in order to maintain a longer battery life. We suggest that if you do not use the e-scooter for a long time, please charge the battery in time, and the longest charging interval should not be more than 3 months, so as to avoid the loss of battery for a long time, which may lead to the battery not being able to use normally and the loss of the three-guarantee policy.

Goccia E-scooter three-guarantee standards for parts


Types of Parts and Components

Warranty Period

Quality Assurance Statement





Body parts


24 months



Used within the range of normal load and roads, it will naturally open welding, desoldering, and fracture, and the internal tires will naturally crack,   break, bulge, and peel. However, damages caused by impacts, unauthorized changes, etc., are not  included

Handlebar, Front brake assembly, Rear brake assembly, Disc brake, Front and rear shock absorbers, Pedals, Rear rack, Saddle, Single stand, Middle stand, Back fork、



Brake handle, Front rim, Brake cable, Tire, Lock, Plastic parts, Rear mirror

6 months








Electrical device




24 months

PQuality problems caused by non-external forces such as lack of phase, burnout, and demagnetization. However, due to insufficient tire pressure over speed bumps, pits and other reasons, the deformation of the wheel hub will not be guaranteed.




24 months

Lithium batteries are guaranteed for use as specified and not subject to external impact. Damage caused by battery power loss, swelling,  soaking, and external causes will not be accepted



18 months

Does not match the original battery, not three

packs due to impact damage.

Controller,Display,Handle,Maincable,Flasher relay, Horn, Remote alarm, Converter, Combination switch


12 months

Performance failures or quality problems occur  due to product reasons and cannot be repaired. Three guarantees are not granted due to private changes by users.

Head light、Rear light、Turn light

9 months

Damages caused by impacts, unauthorized changes, etc., are not included


Brake shoe, Charging port assy, Cable, Power socket,etc.

Not covered by the         warranty


Wearing parts

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